Pastor's Thoughts


24-04-2008 11:22:09

Although I never shy from condemning the homosexual, I do attempt to understand him and the reasons for his descent into a world of debauched sexual perversity.

As a young man matures gonad-wise, he develops needs. All too often they are sated by females of loose morality. Satan has many brides, and he enjoys nothing more than exposing their wanton thighs and heaving bosoms to impressionable males.

When strumpets are unavailable, boys inevitably give in to the temptation to reach around for substitutes. It’s too bad that almost all men who become homosexuals were trapped in big liberal cities like Sin Francisco And New York.

Fortunately, like so many fine Republican Christian men of God, I grew up on a farm in the South, where I was surrounded by domesticated, affable, slow-moving animals of many varieties.

The whinny of a fine mule or the musk of a bleating goat can soothe the most aroused young Christian and bring him closer to God, safe in the knowledge that a man can have dominion over all beasts, both without and within.

Sometimes I miss the simple life on the farm.

In Christ’s Natural Love,

Pastor Tobin Maker D.D.

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