Antliff Allan. Anarchy and Art


25-07-2012 22:40:33

Размер около 9 мб.
Книжка, вроде бы, о влиянии идей анархизма на живопись, начиная с 19 века. Сказать больше не могу, т.к. только начал читать.

As its title indicates, this book was written in part to call attention to and encourage the development of an emerging field in art history: the study of anarchism in art. Though there are many monographs on artist who have identified as anarchists, to date broader surveys of the relationship between anarchism and art are few and far betwee. In part, this is because anarchist art has been percieved generally as one facet in a larger project - "leftist" art - with the result that differences between it and other traditions have often been glossed over or ignored atogether. This book, therefore, is a step toward the foregrounding of art production as it relates to historical, philosophical, social, and political issues from an anarchist perspective.

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